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About Us


Who are we

LuminoCity Inc. is a multimedia entertainment company that transforms captivating stories into multidimensional experiences. By exploring the intersection of art forms, LuminoCity seeks to blur the lines between virtuality and reality when curating unforgettable experiences for all audiences. In the inaugural year of 2019, LuminoCity proudly held its signature event: LuminoCity Festival, a month-long holiday event with an exhibition of spectacular light art displays, live performances, and a celebration of cultures. 

The inspiration behind LuminoCity Festival comes from the combination of traditional art of Chinese lantern festivals with modern design and unique storytelling. Zigong City, located in the Sichuan province, is the epicenter of lantern manufacture and lantern festival production. It is also home to the world’s most skilled lantern artists and hosts an annual lantern festival that attracts more than two million people. LuminoCity is rooted in the Zigong festival industry, as the journey of producing the LuminoCity Festival begins there with the manufacturing of light structures. 

By bringing the two-thousand-year history of the Chinese lantern festival to New York City through an extraordinary new light artform, the LuminoCity Festival creates a new reality full of magical wonder and thrilling adventure for all to enjoy. With each new festival, a new and original Lumi’s Adventure story is written and turned into a larger-than-life light art experience. Join our original IP mascot Lumi as he ventures through the galaxies searching for answers to his mysterious past!


LuminoCity is happy to discuss potential partnerships with corporations, organizations, institutes, and more. Drop us an email at info@luminocityus.com with the subject line Sponsorship Inquiry along with your information! 

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event staff

LuminoCity Festival Event Staff

We are no longer actively hiring. Please feel free to complete the application so we have your information on record for future reference. We are seeking a charismatic individual to be part of LuminoCity visitor's experience team that is the public face and ambassadors of LuminoCity Festival. Staff will be responsible for ensuring a positive and safe experience for all.

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Event Customer Service

This position requires a positive attitude, strategic thinking, writing skills, and patience to represent LuminoCity Inc. as the direct line of assistance for all customers.

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Creative Director

This position requires a self-starter attitude with superior creative and strategic thinking, writing and project management skills to manage advertiser solutions across various platforms. The position involves a considerable amount of writing, both detail-oriented and creative.

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