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Luminocity Festival

Lumi's Adventure

The winter air was in full swing as Lumi wandered paths, no clear destination in mind. Lumi wondered what his next adventure would be. Would it bring him closer to figuring out his past? Wrapped up in his thoughts, Lumi didn’t realize he had entered what looked like a forest. Suddenly, a voice from within seemed to awaken. Lumi had never heard it before, yet it felt so familiar. It urged him to go farther into the trees. Lumi didn’t know what mysteries awaited him in the forest, but he was excited to find out!


The Mysterious Forest

Following a strange force into a mysterious forest Lumi met Zamer of Hria. Existing on hidden lands, Hrians protect the balance between the world’s sun and moon energy. By keeping it hidden and untouched, life can sustain. Zamer explained his mission to prove himself ready to lead Hria, taking over for his aging father and ailing mother. Learning of Lumi’s search for knowledge into the universe, Zamer asks Lumi to deliver a message to his parents in exchange for a chance to read Hria’s ancient texts. Closer to uncovering his past, Lumi set off to Hria!   

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Lumi couldn’t help but stare in awe at all the nature. The colors shone brighter than any he’d ever seen before. This forest was a completely different world! Lumi took in everything, from the gentle ripples in the ponds to the silent swinging of the animals from tree to tree. It was stunning. Lumi could feel how everything moved and existed with purpose, as if it knew exactly what it was doing. Did this harmony between nature exist everywhere? Lumi felt inspired by this, he too wanted to find his purpose.

Coming upon a clearing, Lumi spotted a large banyan tree with a pond at its base. It was imposing but beautiful. Wanting to get a closer look, Lumi headed in its direction when he saw a hut with unknown markings in front of the tree. From the hut emerged a . . . human?! He looked strong but young. His walk was one of power as he approached Lumi with a fierce-looking jaguar at his side.

“Who are you?” the human asked. “What are you doing here?” 

Lumi was taken aback for a moment, not at all expecting to meet a human. 

“I’m Lumi and . . . I’m not sure why I’m here. I followed a voice from within, and it led me here! I’m from Unicorn’s Kingdom, but I can’t remember anything about it. I thought if I followed the voice, I might find some answers.” 

Lumi’s honesty resonated with the man. He lowered his guard and invited Lumi to take a seat with him near the fire. It cast a warm glow against the dark night. 

“What about you?” Lumi asked. “I’ve been walking through the forest for so long and haven’t seen any other human.”

“This forest is special. It’s one of the barriers between outsiders and Hria.” Zamer pointed to their surroundings. “Each day it changes in the eyes of those who cannot see past its enchantment. This way the Sun and Moon lands remain safe from the rest of the world. In fact, I’m surprised you made it this far. It must mean you truly are on the right path.” The jaguar sat quietly next to Lumi, as if he were listening to them.

Lumi felt a warmth inside he knew didn’t come from the fire. He felt hope! Wanting to know more about what was beyond the forest, he asked, “What is Hria? And why does it need a barrier?”

“Hria is a tribe that has existed since the dawn of this land. It is hidden away past this forest, away from those who might harm the energies that keep this planet alive. We are the chosen inhabitants of the Sun land and the guardians of the Holy Moon land. My name is Zamer, son of Chief Lakamh of Hria.” He bowed his head toward Lumi. “It is a pleasure to meet someone from another universe. It is not often we get to do so.”

Lumi’s eyes widened. “Woah! But, Zamer, if your tribe is meant to protect the Moon land, why are you out here alone?”

“I have been traveling these lands for quite some time, taking on any challenge that comes my way to prove I am a man of valor.”

“I’ve collected many tokens from different adventures: I befriended this jaguar, known as the descendant of an ancient god to my people. I was gifted feathers of a wise trogon, saved the egg of a dinosaur, and even found a rare stone said to bring good fortune to anyone who has it. With these as proof, I'll show my father. He is now the head of Hria, but wait and see— the greatest pride in his life will be me.” He thumped his hand on his chest. “I’m not just a boy, I’m a man, a warrior, and a protector of my people.”

Lumi admired the pride in Zamer’s voice as he spoke. “I know I’ve only known you for a short time,” he said, “but it’s clear you’re a true warrior. And these tokens are proof! They’re all so beautiful . . . . especially this jade.”

“Thank you, Lumi. I hope my father will have the same view. As for the jade, I wish to gift it to my mother. She fell ill shortly before my departure. I hope this and the soorson leaf can heal her. I want to be strong enough to help her.”


“It is a rare plant rumored to heal those who eat it. If I can find it, I can help my mother get well.” His eyes brightened. “Lumi, since you are on a journey of exploration, maybe we can help each other out.”

“What do you mean?”

“Hria is as old as the lands we walk on. There are sacred writings and knowledge of the universes. Maybe there you can find the answers you are looking for!”

“That would be amazing!”

“And while you are there, maybe you can deliver a message for me.” Zamer pulled a map from his cloth and gave it to Lumi. “This map is of the lands surrounding Hria. Just follow the path here and you’ll find the gateway. When you get there, please tell my parents I am well and will return soon. I would rather someone say it. The only way to send messages is by raven, but they usually mean bad news. I don’t want to cause more worry to my parents.”

Lumi smiled as he took the map. “No problem, Zamer, I’ll be sure to let them know how amazing the future leader of Hria is.

Zamer smiled in return. “I look forward to meeting you again, Lumi. Maybe at that time, we will both have found what we are looking for.” 

Lumi thanked Zamer before setting off. Zamer watched as his new friend disappeared into the night. He looked up to the sky and saw a small part of the moon peeking from behind the clouds. “Help guide my friend!” he silently prayed.

As Lumi looked at the map, his mind wandered to what the future had in store for him and Zamer. Would they succeed in their journeys? Would they get closer to their goals? The future, he realized, depended on the present. With new hope and a bright smile, Lumi pressed on.

The Dangerous Dunes

Following Zamer’s map, Lumi found a desert land full of bones, lava, and sand stretching miles. Suddenly, a thundering roar echoed as a giant scorpion creature appeared leaving Lumi frozen in fear! He was surprised to see a human appear and scare off the monster. It was none other than Lakmah, father of Zamer, who saved him! Lakmah learns of Zamer’s accomplishments from Lumi and vows to bring him home as the next leader of Hria. As a gift, he gives Lumi a stone allowing him to enter Hria. The two parted ways, more determined than before.

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Leaving the forest was easy with Zamer’s map. The lush greens turned red as Lumi entered a vast desert. Dunes stretched out in all directions. A sense of danger hung thick in the air, like a warning. While walking Lumi did his best to avoid the lava as it bubbled with heat. Everywhere he looked he saw something creepy: lava pools bubbling up from the ground, large whirls of sand off in the distance. Just when he thought he was free of the fear, Lumi nearly tripped over a bunch of . . . skeletons! He shrieked as he took off running, not realizing he had gone off the path.

Suddenly a large roar echoed through the desert. Startled, Lumi looked up to see a huge monster approaching him! Lumi looked around but realized there was nowhere to hide. Closing his eyes, Lumi waited for the worst.

“Be still!” It was a man’s voice. Powerful and louder than the monster’s roar, it echoed through the dunes. When Lumi opened his eyes, he saw the man had raised a spear in the air. It began to glow, emitting rays of energy towards the monster, who shrieked and retreated underground. 

The man turned to face Lumi. “What are you doing here? You are not from this place and do not belong here. You’d better return to your home,” he said sternly.

Lumi gaped in awe. “Thank you for saving me! My name is Lumi. You’re right, I’m not from here. I’m on a journey right now, looking for Hria. I must deliver a message to the parents of Zamer!” Lumi pulled out the map.

The man frowned in confusion. “How did you get that? And how do you know Zamer?”

“I met him not too long ago in the forest beyond this desert. He gave this map to me so I could find Hria. I’m looking for information in Hria’s ancient writings. In exchange, I promised Zamer I would deliver a message to his parents.”

“That boy.” The man shook his head, visibly upset. “He does not heed my warnings and is now wandering about the forest with no map. How foolish!”

“Actually, sir, I wouldn’t worry about Zamer. We met for only a short time, but it’s clear how successful he is. He even has a collection of treasures from his travels!” Lumi told the man of Zamer’s victories and his desire to prove himself. “I think Zamer will make a great leader. Not just because of his strength, but because his strength comes from wanting to protect his loved ones and support all of Hria.”

The man was shocked by Lumi’s words. He took a moment to let them sink in before smiling. “Well, Lumi, I believe I must also thank you for helping me today.” 

Lumi looked at the man, confused. 

“My name is Lakamh, Chief of Hria. I was against Zamer leaving on his journey at such a young age, but it seems he has surpassed my expectations. Can you tell me where you met him? I believe it is time for my son to come home and begin his transition to manhood, and leader.”

“Really?” Lumi said. “That’s great news! I met him in the forest, by a big banyan tree across the pond. He said he was looking for one more item: a rare soorson leaf to help cure his mother.”

Lakamh’s face grew stormy again. “Oh, no . . . there is no proof the soorson leaf actually exists. And even if it does, it would be dangerous to retrieve. No one who has gone searching for it has ever returned. I must stop him!” He stood and bowed to Lumi. “I must thank you again. Your words are true—the greatest strength comes from wanting to help others. So, now I must go help my son.” Lakamh took a jewel from the top of his staff. It glistened a beautiful blue-green. “Please take this jewel in order to pass through the hidden gate. We have been around for centuries and have many secrets to the worlds around us inscribed on our ancient guardians. You might find some useful information there. Also, I’m sure Zamer’s mother will be delighted to hear he is doing well. I am off now. I do hope we meet again, Lumi.”

Lumi accepted the jewel and held it tight. “Thank you, Lakamh! I look forward to it.”

Map and turquoise jewel in hand, Lumi parted ways with Lakamh and continued on his journey. With each new encounter, the voice within and Lumi’s journey was getting clearer.

He was close to knowing more, he could feel it!

The Forgotten Ruins

Lumi wound up in a quiet land of ruins, where the Hria entrance was said to be. While walking, he came across some familiar roars and faces! Lost, Lumi decided to read the ruins in hopes of finding the gateway. The broken stones told tales of Hira’s culture and beliefs, but one stood out. It depicted someone putting a stone into an altar. Wondering if this is the key, Lumi found the matching altar and placed the stone Lakmah gave him inside. The ground began to pulse and glow different colors, a new world became clear!

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As Lumi left the dunes, the air changed again. Instead of danger, the atmosphere was quiet, like it was hiding a secret. 

Lumi looked down at the map in confusion, it said he was close to the entrance to Hria, but this place looked abandoned, nothing but a pile of ruins all around. It seemed like people hadn't existed here in thousands of years.

“Maybe if I look around, I’ll find the entrance. After all, they are well protected!” Lumi decided to put the map away and try looking for the entrance on his own. 

After what felt like hours of wandering, Lumi began to feel like he was going in circles. Wherever he looked, all he saw were broken stones and the same creatures. They looked familiar but he didn’t have time to worry about that. How could this be the entrance to Hria? He looked up at the sky and sighed.

As the clouds slowly parted to reveal the night’s full moon, a stone tablet near a crumbling altar caught Lumi’s attention. The moon was shining over it, casting a clear view of what appeared to be writing. It was about Hria! On a broken stone tablet that looked worn down by time, Lumi read about the legend of Hria:

At the end of great lands touched by the Sun

Lives a brave tribe blessed by the Jaguar God

The most loyal of believers of the Goddess of Life

Hria guides her people into the seal of the holy land of the moon

Only the chosen ones may be held in the hands of the Goddess of Life . . .

Next to the words was animage of a faceless person standing by an altar with a round object in their hand. Lumi wanted to read more, but the rest of the tablet was too damaged. 

He looked up at the altar, then back to the tablet. Could this be the entrance? If so, how could he enter it? He walked toward the altar with the turquoise stone Lakamh had given him. With each step, the air felt heavier. This had to be it!

Fixed to the altar was a glowing stone with a hole in the center. Lumi placed his turquoise jewel inside—a perfect fit! Suddenly, the earth began to pulse gently. He watched as the ruins began to change. Slowly, a new world appeared. With each step Lumi took the ground below him lit up. Lumi took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and passed through the gate.

The Hidden Land of Hria

Lumi made it to the hidden land of Hria! The magical life and culture dazzled. A massive temple with beautifully intricate designs towered over Lumi. 12 celestial statues of Hria’s guardians had inscriptions of Hria’s origins: Long ago a powerful being from another universe found this planet after sensing its unstable moon energy. She used love to create the sun energy to bring balance and life. Centuries later, she found life flourishing! Before reading more, Lady Tika, mother of Zamer, approached Lumi. Feeling a connection she invited him to the Moon world to learn of Hria’s true origins.

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Lumi felt so accomplished. He had finally made it to the hidden Sun land and found Hria. The land was rich with culture and beauty that stretched on farther than the eyes could see. Up ahead was a magnificent temple. It stood taller than everything around it. In front of the entrance lay a large circle full of the same markings from Zamer’s hut and the stone tablets. The drawings seemed to tell a story of Hria. There were men and women adorned with treasures, much like the ones Zamer had shown Lumi. Surrounding the circle, like guardians, stood 12 immaculate animal statues.

The moon was directly in the center of it all. It appeared even bigger than before. Was the moon getting closer to Lumi, or was Lumi getting closer to the moon? The whole night felt so purposeful and magical.

Remembering Lakamh’s words, Lumi read the inscriptions on each statue. Each guardian represented one of the 12 sun cycles. They each also had their own power, specialties, and origins. “Created by a being from another universe?” Lumi thought. “Woah . . . maybe it knows something about my universe!” 

Lumi was busy exploring the inscriptions when he noticed a light shining from the temple.

“If you can feel the energy and see the light,” he heard a calm voice say, “ you must also have a power within you.” He looked up and saw a woman walking from the temple toward him. “How were you able to find this place, Lumi?”

Lumi leapt to attention. “I am on a mission for Zamer. I met Chief Lakamh and he gave me a jewel that . . . wait . . . how do you know my name?” 

The woman only smiled as she came closer to Lumi. He could feel a different aura radiating from her. She wasn’t like the other humans he had met. “By chance, are you Zamer’s mother?”

“Yes. I am Lady Tika, descendant of Priestess Tika, guardian of the Moon land. And I know more than just your name. I know you’ve come here with a message, and you’re searching for something, right?”

“Yes, Zamer wanted me to tell you he’s doing well. In fact, I think he’s doing great. Your husband is off to collect him and bring him back to begin his transition to leader!”

“That is excellent news, Lumi. I’m glad I could hear it before leaving.”

“Leaving? you can’t! Zamer is out looking for the rare soorson leaf to help heal you.” 

Lady Tika laughed, but something in her smile seemed sad. 

“Unfortunately, my illness is not of this world, and no herb can help me. Lumi, would you like to know more about this world? And maybe you can find out some answers to what it is you’re looking for. Come, follow me.” 

The pair walked to the temple and Lady Tika took Lumi’s hand. As they entered, a white light began to pour over them, until nothing else could be seen. 

Lumi’s hand clenched in fear, but Lady Tika reassured him. “Don’t be afraid. What you see is the connection between this world and the Moon world. The Sun and Moon energy meet to create harmony. We are just passing through to the other side.” 

Lumi relaxed and watched as the white light faded. What replaced it was almost unreal.

“Wow . . .  Moon land!”

The Mystical Moon Land

Lumi entered the mystical Moon Land and followed Lady Tika’s voice: When the powerful being returned, she sensed a devastating future. The nature of her created life was to explore and expand, eventually recreating imbalance. Unable to stay and fix it, she gave some of her power to a Hrian priestess. As the priestess’ descendant, it was time for Lady Tika to prevent the planet’s end. Lumi watched Lady Tika disappear as new vibrant life began to grow. Moved by her love and sacrifice, Lumi wanted to inform Zamer and Lakmah. Suddenly, a voice whispered, Lumi! It's me, Luna!

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After a final burst of light, Lumi followed Lady Tika forward. The temple now had a glassy, almost translucent appearance. They were no longer in the Sun world. As they kept walking, a huge pair of palms that seemed to carry the weight of the world came into view. Lumi looked back and was surprised to find they had emerged from an enormous goddess-like figure. 

The goddess’s body spanned the entire space where the temple once stood. A soft light emanating from the ground illuminated her shifting form. She was made from nature—no, she was nature. Numerous branches stemmed from her body like wayward blood vessels. Her cheeks seemed to bloom in perpetual reincarnation, a face within a face, fading and regenerating. It was unearthly in a mysterious and beautiful way.

"This is our mother, the one responsible for the planet’s genesis.” said Lady Tika. “She brought the power of the Moon to balance by creating the power of the Sun, which developed the world we see today, and eventually all life that inhabits it. To her, they are all her children. Her greatness and love exceed the imagination of any one of us.” Her voice was full of emotion yet seemed to fade farther away with each word. Lumi turned around but couldn’t see her anywhere.

“Lady Tika? Lady Tika? Where are you?” Lumi called out. As he walked deeper into Moon land, a powerful light he had not seen before came into view. Looking up, he saw the full moon directly above an altar.

“The truth is, Lumi, the nature of humans is to explore. Unfortunately, this often comes at a price. In this case, the price was the balance that gives life to the two worlds.” Lady Tika’s voice seemed to come from all around and nowhere at all, like the memory of a song.

“What do you mean?” Lumi called. “Is the balance . . . is it in danger?” Lumi looked around for her but saw nothing but a thick wall of mist.

“My illness is a warning. The time is near now. The being foretold a time when the energies would become unbalanced. Many years ago, my ancestor promised to wait for that time and to protect both worlds when it came. As the current descendant of Priestess Tika, I now carry the burden of this promise. It is time I return life to the energies that have given us life. This will save countless lives and the future of this planet.” 

Lumi walked closer to the moon-shaped altar as her voice felt stronger in that direction. He could read the inscriptions like on the other ruins. It told the story of the being and priestess’s promise. Hria was created to protect the Moon land where the energies lived, but the priestess was meant to protect the life that resided under both the Sun and the Moon.

A sudden realization dawned on Lumi:The being was the creator, and her life force coursed through Lady Tika. He looked up to see the sun and moon meet in a lunar eclipse.

Everything went still for a moment before it all started to flow again. A layer of soft light poured from the center of the altar. In the middle of the mist, Lumi could just make out the shape of Lady Tika for a moment before she became one with the world around her. Where she once stood broken branches grew into buds, dead leaves into fruits; from death to . . .new life. 

A soft, whispering breeze turned to a hymn as Lady Tika’s voice sang out,

"If you can hear my singing,

Then sing along with me,

To the left of the sun is the moon

She never shines

But the crystals know,

for the moon nurtures them

But the fauna know

for the moon stirs the tide

But the flora know

for the moon bathes them in her light


For my mother

To my brothers

Natural things shared with us

The energy here from the start

Today I bless you

Give back to this holy land

One life for all

One love to all"


As Lumi listened, he felt his sadness fade away. In its place was an endless and deep love. Vibrations of light and life flowed through every corner of the universe. All around him creatures began to slowly awaken to the song. Tree branches stretched longer with new leaves. Life new and old renewed itself with the vitality Lady Tika’s energy gave it. Lumi thought of Zamer and Lakamh. He wanted to tell them not to be too sad. With her sacrifice,Lady Tika had truly integrated with the world; she was everywhere and in everything now.

Lumi looked to the sky. "I’ll return to Hria to tell them of Lady Tika’s greatness," he said. This was the real message Lumi was fated to deliver all along. Quietly departing, he began to find his way back. But before he could get far down the path, the voice came again, this time clearer than ever before. 


Lumi stopped, shocked to hear his own name. "You . . . who are you?"

I am Luna.

——The end of one journey is just the beginning of another.

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Lumi's Social Distance Sticker Answers

  • What shape is Lumi in? Lumi is in the shape of a lightbulb. 
  • What’s Lumi’s favorite color? Lumi loves the colors of the rainbow. 
  • Where is Lumi from? Lumi is from the Unicorn Kingdom. 
  • How many friends does Lumi have? Lumi came to Earth with his 8 lightbulb friends. 
  • Can you name one of Lumi’s 8 friends? Bobo, Jojo, Kiki, Lala, Lili, Lulu, Nana, and Yoyo 
  • How frequently does a full solar eclipse occur on Earth? It occurs an average of every 18 months on earth. 
  • Why is Unicorn so important to Lumi and his friends? They are from the Unicorn Kingdom. 
  • What do Chinese lanterns symbolize? The history of Chinese lanterns is lengthy, the short answer is that they symbolize joy and good fortune. 
  • What city in China is known as the “City of Lanterns”? The city named Zigong in Sichuan province is the originator of the Lantern Festival. 
  • Why is Zigong City known as a hometown of dinosaurs? According to the Zigong Dinosaur Museum, the museum currently has the largest collection and display of Jurassic dinosaur fossils in the world. *Fun fact, the world’s largest lanterns and dinosaur production industries are all in Zigong. 
  • Where in China are lantern festivals the most popular? The annual Zigong Lantern Festival is known for its extravagance and was crowned “the best lantern festival under Heaven” by Chinese media.

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